Your ideal travel guitar

  • 17\" long when disassembled
  • 1/4” and 1/8” audio jacks
  • Onboard guitar tones and FX
  • Can be used as a MIDI controller
  • Adjustable-tension steel strings
  • 15 standart-sized frets
jammy guitar top part jammy guitar main part jammy guitar bottom part

Real guitar experience

Jammy’s real steel strings and advanced sensors make your favorite guitar techniques extremely lifelike.

  • Using fingerpicking
    on Jammy Guitar

    Fingerpicking video
  • Using chord strumming
    on Jammy Guitar

    Chords video
  • Using left-hand muting
    on Jammy Guitar

    Muting video
  • Using hammer-on
    on Jammy Guitar

    Hammer-Ons video
  • Using pull-off
    on Jammy Guitar

    Pull off video
  • Using vibrato
    on Jammy Guitar

    Vibrato video
  • Using right-hand muting
    on Jammy Guitar

    Right hand muting video
  • Using slides
    on Jammy Guitar

    Slide video