Your ideal travel guitar

  • sizes
    17\" long when disassembled
  • audio-jack
    1/4” and 1/8” audio jacks
  • melody
    Onboard guitar tones and FX
  • lines-line-text
    Can be used as a MIDI controller
  • striped-round
    Adjustable-tension steel strings
  • roman-3
    15 standart-sized frets

Real guitar experience

Jammy’s real steel strings and advanced sensors make your favorite guitar techniques extremely lifelike.

  • Using fingerpicking
    on Jammy Guitar

    Fingerpicking video
  • Using chord strumming
    on Jammy Guitar

    Chords video
  • Using left-hand muting
    on Jammy Guitar

    Muting video
  • Using hammer-on
    on Jammy Guitar

    Hammer-Ons video
  • Using pull-off
    on Jammy Guitar

    Pull off video
  • Using vibrato
    on Jammy Guitar

    Vibrato video
  • Using right-hand muting
    on Jammy Guitar

    Right hand muting video
  • Using slides
    on Jammy Guitar

    Slide video